Agen Poker Online : 3 Effective Soccer Passing Drills

Soccer passing drills are an important component of a soccer training session. There are various games and techniques that can effectively help improve the passing skills of your players.

Teaching The Fundamental Of Passing

In order to teach the players the basic passing, you can start with splitting the team into pairs. Each pair must have a ball. Now, you have to evaluate their passing skills by having them pass and trap the ball. After your evaluation of their skills, you can go for the touch control passing lessons.

Circle Games

Most of the circle games are effective enough to optimize the passing skills of the soccer players. For example, one simple way is to place two players in the middle of the circle and both of them have to intercept passes attempted by the players on the outside. When one of the players inside the circle successfully intercepts a pass made by a player on the outside, that outside-standing player will replace his position with the one in the middle who intercepted his pass.


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Practicing Passing With Three Soccer Balls

In this method, three soccer balls and two teams with equal number is required. When the coach says, Go, all the players have to try to steal as many ball as possible. When the coach says, STOP, the game gets a pause and the team with the possession of two or three balls wins.

This is a simple method, but in order to get positive outcomes of the same, this process must be repeated several times. Since, there are three balls and two teams, in order to keep possession of two or more balls is not an easy cake for any team and the team that wins surely have players with better passing skills. This game teaches various aspects associated with passing of the ball, such as:

Players are able to decide their position that where they should run when they do not have the ball so that they could get the possession of the same.

They learn to make instant decisions regarding passing and dribbling the ball

They also have to make instant decision which player of the team they want to pass the ball.

Overall, soccer is all about practice, practice, and practice. Whichever method you use to practice soccer passing drills, make sure that you practice the same several times in order to sharpen your passing skills.

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Reducing stress of football players

Football is a very stressing game because it involves the emotions of the audience. For players it is very necessary to cope up with the stress as it can affect their performance. An athlete can project stress in both ways positive and negative. Positive stress is when one is anticipated to open the match and negative stress is when they make mistake which lead them towards failure. Reducing stress is essential thus different ways to reduce stress will be discussed in this article.

Deep Breathing:

One of the basic techniques which help to reduce stress is deep breathing. It is a form of relaxation which tends to reduce stress of body muscle. It enables one to regulate normal breathing and helps to improve concentration.

Thought Stopping:

During stress, irrational thoughts tend to create problem for players. They have multiple thoughts and unable to stop them. Here, thought stopping technique helps them to stop irrational thoughts. In this player are encourage to practice that whenever they start having problematic thoughts, they have either make a sign to stop or they can mentally make a not to stop. By doing this they will be able to reduce the stressing thoughts.

Realistic Schedule:

One of the main sources of stress is the unplanned schedules. Being an individual one have to fulfill multiple responsibilities and when you are player it becomes very essential that you must plan your schedules realistically. Divide your daily activities in a way that you can give proper time to not only your professional life but to your personal life as well.  For this, one must list out all the activities or tasks which one wants to do in a day and then you can divide your portion of time accordingly. This will not only help you to be punctual but also help to reduce daily life stress.


Have a personal time:

When you become a professional player, you become a public property. People wants to know everything about you or whatever that is happening in your life. But this also tends to reduce the likelihood of having a personal life. This might lead to stress or enhance tension within a player therefore it is recommended that one plan some family time on daily basis. In easy words, it will help one to be sane and empower them to enjoy life just like a normal person.

Goal Setting:

Goal setting is a worthy technique in reducing stress. It is helpful for a player to set realistic goals. Realistic goals are the one which are structured and deal with current tasks of one’s life. When these goals are achieved, it is also likely to increase the confidence of the players. While one is setting future goals, they should set such goals that will suit them and team coach as well. It is also encouraged that one should make such goals which are measureable. Athletes are also recommended to evaluate their goals time to time so that they can keep their attention on the game.